Monday, January 3, 2011

Editing my Blog

For some reason that I cannot glean my blog posts need to be edited badly. I try to check each entry for errors before posting them, but later, for reasons I cannot glean I still find errors in the final product and that really pisses me off. What kind of writer allows his crap (unless it is specified as rough copy) to be seen by the general public when it is riddled with errors? Answer: a lazy writer and I am not a lazy person. I review books for a living and one of my pet peeves is when a book lacks proper editing, especially when the author expects monetary gain from his work. I will not be that kind of writer. So, please forgive me these past transgressions and I will attempt to edit my posts and try to meet my own high standards.
Thank You,

P.S. I noticed that sometimes what I write and what Posterous and Blogger publish are different and I don't notice these differences until long after I post my piece on my blog. That is irritating. 

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You like the word glean moron!
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