Thursday, July 30, 2009

A not so quick one

My July reading went well and the June staged reading could have been better, but it is hard to have street theater when the rain is pouring down in dump truck loads. My actors were great. I am very proud to work with them. Quick note: I will not be as involved with APT this year as much as last year. I will write them a new piece, but I will not be directing or performing. I'll be concentrating on all my various projects and hopefully completing them. The novel is almost finished, very goddamn close. Been reviewing of course. I'm looking into reviewing for Kirkus and Book Wire and possibly writing for an online men's magazine. A new off-off Broadway theater might be doing something of mine later in August, possibly my play Waiting For God and a quick piece I've been dabbling with. I have an artist pounding out art work from my scripts for three graphic novel and comic projects and I am working on a another script for a science fiction graphic novel. I've been debating that I might start and online serial novel specifically on this site and in about a month I will be submitting a horror novel to Tor for consideration. I also have two semi-literary short stories that I'm going to throw at the New Yorker. I am once again looking into doing a play or dramatic reading locally, Co-sponsored by literacy volunteers...My whole "Your 2 Cents Fest" idea with Get Off The Bus Inc. I know there is more, but I'll be dipped if I can think of it at this time.
As Dennis Miller used to say on Saturday Night Live, "That's the news and I'm out of here."