Monday, November 16, 2009

Stuff I'm thinking about part 2

I made the decision to concentrate on completing my novel before finishing up or starting any new projects. It is so difficult for me not to work on anything else. The ideas keep coming and coming. I may give myself permission to work on a new short story or play, they keep on popping up in my head during the long dark ride home from Warrensburg in the evening, but first I'm going to have to by a new memory card for my PDA. The novel is coming along well. I'm very pleased with its progress. It will be finished soon. I attended a book sale on Saturday with my youngest daughter, she charmed the heck out of everybody while we poked around some book shelves. I found some interesting stuff and few items I've been searching for. I'll be sorting through those books later. Oh, also, after I buy an new memory card for my Pda I'm thinking that I'm gonna have to post some new photos up on the blog and facebook of my office. I received a new review book in the mail today, dealing with religious revisionism. For my own entertainment I'm reading three books of non-fiction by Joyce Carol Oates, including one of her journals, a book of essays about writing and writers and a book of literary reviews. The woman is amazing. I really dig her and Susan Sontag. Because of my wife's health and some other family concerns I became sidetracked and I am now behind on reviews I wanted to do for the Comicbook Bin. After reading the book of reviews by Joyce Carol Oates I'm recharged and no longer jaded about reviewing. So keep your eyes open and check out the Comicbook for some of my work.