Thursday, December 30, 2010

One of My Favorite Books of 2010

2010 was a great year for books and graphic novels. Many incredible authors published phenomenal works this year, including, Joyce Carol Oates' slew of non-fiction and fiction, Stephen King's new book of novella's, Full Dark, No Stars, his short novel Blockade Billy and his co-created comic-book series with Scott Snyder American Vampire. Philip Roth gave us another gorgeous short novel, Nemesis and then there is the posthumous Kurt Vonnegut book of unpublished short stories. Joe Hill offered his novel Horns, a follow up to the original and brilliant Heart-Shape Box, as well as the hardcover graphic novels to his amazing series Locke and Key. Also, it seems that everybody had a memoir this year, like Keith Richards and Pat Conroy's My Reading Life. Oh yeah, a beautiful book of Saul Bellow's correspondences have appeared on the shelves this past week called simply enough, Saul Bellow: Letters. Lest I forget, a one-hundred year event in the making occurred
this year as well, The Autobiography of Mark Twain volume 1. of a three volume set. I've dipped into that masterpiece and I am blown away. There are other books I want to talk about as well and I plan on writing more about the above mentioned books.
What I really want to touch on though, is and independently published SF novel called Withur We. I review books for a print and online periodical that specializes in reviewing books from independent publishers, small press, vanity press, publishing on demand, etc, called ForeWord Magazine. I review between 2-3 books a month for the magazine and this past summer I was given Withur We.
Here is part of the review and the link for the rest of it:

Withur We
Genre: Science Fiction
Author: Matthew Bruce Alexander
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 9781450531009
Rating: Four Stars (out of Five)

"Withur We is a magnificent epic in the grand tradition of such works as Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series and Frank Herbert’s Dune. Matthew Bruce Alexander, a first-time author, combines the warfare orientation of John Ringo and the lyricism and storytelling ability of Ray Bradbury with philosophical, political, and economical treatises similar to the works of such thinkers as Thomas Paine, Thomas Hobbes, Adam Smith, and Noam Chomsky.
Protagonist Alistair Ashley 3nn is a young Marine back on his home planet, Aldra ll, after serving “four cycles” on the war torn planet Kaldis. Physically enhanced by the Marine corps to be an elite fighter and a killing machine, Alistair tries to acclimate to living a “normal” life but has difficulty adjusting to the current government and its dystopian elements. He joins a group of freedom fighters that are labeled terrorists by the powers-that-be, the “Realists.” Taken prisoner, Alistair and many others are banished to the prison planet Srillium. The planet is controlled by prisoners who hail from all over the galaxy and who have devolved into barbaric tribes of cannibalistic hunter-gatherers..."

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Enjoy all and Happy New Year.

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