Monday, October 26, 2009

Awesome office photos

I found this on Cory Doctorow's website Craphound and I think it's cool.

"One of Jonathan's (Johnathan Worth commercial photographer) photograph pictures showed me in my office, and I went a little Flickr-crazy marking up the photo with notes explaining what everything was. I tweeted the photo, and lots of people came by to see it -- several thousand, some of whom ended up offering Jonathan paying work. It was a win all around."

(Click on the photo for full image, including Cory at work.)

Here is the the link to the photo on flickr with Cory's notes.


I wrote this last night while pulling what was left of my hair out of my head. I wasn't trying to stimulate hair growth. I was extremely frustrated with the review I had been attempting to write. So much turmoil in my personal life right now and it is starting to seep into my dreams and is playing havoc with my imagination. I'm thinking things are going to be better soon. I have the next three days off from my money job and I think I'm going to submit some work tonight. I need to think beyond the thing that is weighing so heavily on my mind. It is even difficult for the aloof part of me that observes everything to remain aloof and unbiased when it comes to this one event that involves a member of my family. A looming eventuality that I have been dreading for months is finally here and I don't want to deal with it. Usually, I have either the solace of my money job to hide in when the family life is chaotic, and when my money job is driving me nuts I have the safety of my family and home where I lick my wounds and regather my strength. These last few months I haven't had stability in either area. So I'd like to turn to the shelter of my office and the sanctum of my imagination and literature, but even those things are not providing me with the peace and I hate to admit, the escape I desire.


I had to post this on the blog. It is an immoral or moral imperative, or both. I got to thinking about how scientists with financial backing and limitless resource materials of arms dealers and manufacturers are nothing more than uninhibited versions of me and some of my friends designing beer can cannons, pipe bombs and blowing up "porta-potties" when we were kids. Just a thought, a scary thought but true none the less.

Friday, October 2, 2009