Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New Aesthetic and Other Things

Some of my poems are being published in New Aesthetic Magazine. Thrilled about this. I had to write my bio to accompany the poems and I didn't enjoy writing about myself that way. I like to share my thoughts and spur of the moment projects and achievements with people via Twitter, Face Book and my blog, but I don't like writing about my past accomplishments in a bio because it sounds like I'm bragging. Granted, all artist, writers, musicians etc want some kind of recognition, an audience or following in their ideal world, and I'm no different. But I want people to appreciate my work (although some would argue that the work and the artist are intertwined and that is hard to tell where one begins and the other ends)and I want the work to speak for itself. Bios make me uncomfortable and shy where otherwise I'm blatant about my thoughts, feelings and projects.
FYI I wrote a short piece called Foreplay a 10-12 minute sexual farce that may be optioned for new off-off Broadway theater company.

And here is something I found that goes hand in hand with my Star Gate/ Star Gate Atlantis Teppes Machine Avatar script that I an still waiting for the go ahead on. Also, my new thing Man In The Box has a little of this idea.

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