Tuesday, April 19, 2011


And so, the artist with whom I am working on a secret project has sent me some photos that thrill me. I'm keeping this project hush-hush, mums the word; not because I'm afraid of having our ideas stolen, but because, this project gives me that top-secret private, mission impossible stuff I felt as a kid. There is no real pressure,
The artist and I are experimenting and taking our time. I know it will come to the point where we will be consumed by periods of relentless labor to finish it. I received an email from her today that says, she is ready for a photo shoot and that is going to be awesome. I wish I can include the pix she sent me that are perfect for our ideas, but I can't, not yet.
And this week, I am busier than a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest.
Every-night this week I have rehearsal with APT for their show FIFTIES FLASHBACK which will be performed this week at the Corinth High School Auditorium Fri 7pm and Sat 2pm, tickets at
The door, admission free, a $5 donation is suggested.
I am also working the transportation job, AMH overnight job and custodial stuff this week.
I have two book reviews due and I am finishing up my novel The Uncertainty of Knowing. There is a flash fiction thing I want to block out time to write because the idea won't leave me alone. And there is one more big writing project that I must complete soon before my brain becomes guacamole.
Busy, man, busy.

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