Thursday, September 24, 2009

Artifacts or Hoax? And Then Came the Comments.. and a bunch of stuff.

I found this on Warren Ellis's web site. And while the subject matter is fascinating. I find the reader's comments so much more intriguing. Their cruelty and sarcasm astounds me. Their grammar, spelling, syntax and punctuation alarms me. Read some comments and enjoy the decay of Western civilization. Hey, at least we're going down entertained.

Now this is some weird shit. All I can hear is the theme music from the David Carradine seventies tv show Kung Fu.

Oh and this is just crazy, a poisonous spine, really?

Here we have the ongoing argument about literature versus mainstream fiction, and specific genres like science fiction.

This little tidbit I found on io9 could be great and it could be like this piece of petrified poop. The Moleman spouting Shakespeare is cool though. Anybody remember this 1979 goofy Captain America TV movie? When I was an eleven year old kid I loved it, and I have to admit, I still like it in a "Batman and Robin" 1960's TV series way. POW! WHACK! SMASH! WHAM!

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