Saturday, November 8, 2008

journal: Work Completed

I finally finished The 12 page sample script of StarGate SG1 StarGate Atlantis crossover comic book for Avatar comics called The Teppes Machine (or Engine, I'm undecided). The reason it took so long was time constraints.  Now, I'm gonna work on a couple of reviews, correct the script, get busy on my novel, finish Midnight Snack Script, write a few poems (I'm attending a reading on Monday and I want to have new material to read) and percolate a couple of more ideas for sample scripts to Avatar that involve The Characters from the Friday the 13th and Chainsaw Massacre franchises.  Heading over to the office with the Hopester for a picnic.  Watched The Happening with my newly turned 19 year old daughter.  I freaking loved that movie and so did she. Reminded me of Hitchcock. Yeah some of the dialogue was corny but I thought the characters behaved like any "normal" person would behave in an insane situation. I also liked the Mist and the Cruise  remake of War of the Worlds.  The realistic behavior of character is more important to me than the action and special effects. Probably that is why I disliked the Day After and Independence Day so much. I could see the directorial hand moving the characters around like chess pieces and pushing all of the emotional buttons of the viewer intentionally.  In the Happening, like life shit happens and then it doesn't...  And on another note involving the movies: I am supposed to be giving a lecture to my daughter's film as lit class about Citizen Kane. Now that was a hell of an American movie.

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